Women Who Changed Our World

Dear Readers,

Theoloqui launched just under a year ago, and we will celebrate our year-long blogging journey by taking the next month or so to reflect on women who have changed our world. Theoloqui authors shared stories marked by both challenge and success. Just as their successes were not born by good fortune, their challenges were not endured alone. We all have had women in our lives who have supported, formed, shaped and loved us. Because of them, our imaginations are broadened. We give them tribute by reflecting on how they opened our worlds for the better and in hopes that their examples inspire all to support women in creative ways. (Please jump in each week with your own celebrated examples!)

Mid-summer, we will have some transitions. A few bloggers will phase out, and we will be adding new voices. This blog is a space for diverse female voices (though we welcome male responses at any time!). We remain committed to that. We are also aware that rarely in public forums are women’s voice the majority voice, and this blog is dedicated to giving women that space.

New voices will be introduced next month. In the mean time, if you have thoughts, suggestions, ideas, please reply here or feel free to email one of the bloggers (contact info is on the author page).

Thanks for your engagement and support!

Theoloqui Bloggers



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