Questions and insecurity

by Jill Riley

Politics scare me. I have so many insecurities about this topic. I consider myself an open person. Some days I’m pretty close to “over share”. I can talk to you about the children’s ridiculous behavior, illnesses, the state of my finances, menstrual cycles, weight gain, and relational difficulties. But politics? Sweet Jesus NO! I feel uneducated, uninformed and mostly I feel afraid of saying something wrong! Are you with me?

So I have questions. A lot of them. Let me share them here. Maybe you have some of the answers I am looking for? Currently my questions center around the “evangelical Christians” the news keeps talking about.

Who are these “Evangelical Christians”? and Can/should I trust the collective judgment of the Evangelical Christians?

John Piper, Jerry Falwell and the celebrity Evangelicals are weighing in. There are statements, press releases and opinions circulating measuring the candidates spiritual fitness for presidential candidacy. Do they know more than I do about how I should vote?

Can I trust their assessment as to whether or not Donald Trump is a Christ follower and worthy of my vote? And why does it seem like we only care about this for the republican candidates?

In 2012 17 million of the EC’s were MIA. Where were they? Were they in hiding waiting for the Trump to appear?

This week Donald Trump “resonated” with the evangelicals in South Carolina and is reported to be leading amongst the EC’s. I read a blog recently that said “ What I came to realize … is that many evangelicals are less concerned about having a Christian in the White House than they are about having someone there with the ability to get things done.” This was meant to be a “call to action” for the EC’s to find a more Christian presidential candidate than Trump. What do I do with that?!

What about the issues? 

Abortion, education, immigration, world relations, economy etc.? Where do the Evangelical Christians stand? It’s equally murky here because the candidates seem switch opinions depending on who they are talking to.

Am I the only one confused as to how to fulfill their role as both a Christ follower and citizen of a democratic state? At the end of the day my ballot feels like adding a raindrop to the ocean – it makes no difference, has no weight and carries no significance.

At the end of the day.

Hopefully all these questions will lead to better questions and maybe someday a peace that is found only in following God closely rather than being assimilated into a group and allowing their judgements to govern mine.



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  1. “At the end of the day my ballot feels like adding a raindrop to the ocean – it makes no difference, has no weight and carries no significance.” Jill, you name the frustrations about ECs and our democratic process that so so many of us feel, but maybe don’t say out loud. Thank you for this important contribution to the conversation.

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