Finding Rhythm in Safe Spaces

By Caenisha Warren My rhythm in this last year has included lament, boundaries, retreat, healing, truth spoken at will, and safe spaces to nourish a broken soul. After 12 years in the system, the patterns of academia permeate my rhythm, my thought, and my level of frustration and exhaustion. The system of Christian higher education... Continue Reading →


Weary on the Journey

By Caenisha Warren There has been weariness in my mind, body and soul.  It’s brought me to wonder whether I should withdraw from work, church, family, friends.  Then I think but God…God created us within and for community.  If that speaks any truth over my life and being, then there is some reason God has... Continue Reading →

Politics: Facing the Truth About Reality

By Caenisha Warren On a Sankofa Journey, I remember walking through the Birmingham Civil Rights Institution with a deep sense of emotion and fear.  I looked at the photos on display that recounted this time in our history, and I couldn’t believe the faces of hate in the pictures as acts of yelling, violence, and... Continue Reading →

The Need For Change in Higher Education

By Caenisha Warren It’s a new year. A new time for perspective, purpose, and progress. As staff within Christian higher education, it seems that no matter the year, 1760, 1860, 1960, 2016, race is still a barrier. However, we can see from college campuses around the country, the fight for equality and equity in education... Continue Reading →

Connected as Different

By Caenisha Warren The idea of church shopping does not sit well with me.  It is not a familiar practice given my upbringing under an African American pastor who has shepherded his present congregation for 47 years.  I think that we should execute choice of worship through the way in which we live - the... Continue Reading →

A Single Perspective

By Caenisha Warren There was a time when I was reading in Paul’s letter to the people at Philippi and dared to ponder what his words could mean for me.  Paul writes “for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances” (Phil 4:11-14, NIV).  Paul went on to explain this concept as having learned... Continue Reading →

Heroines on the Journey

Introducing Caenisha Warren! What an incredible year and privilege it has been to offer a few contributions to Theoloqui over the past year! I have loved getting to know these diversely gifted sisters and look forward to continue reading their posts in the weeks and months to come. As I am transitioning out in this... Continue Reading →

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