No matter who’s in the White House

By Leeann R, Younger Well, thank God it’s finally over.  Eighteen months of campaign speeches and debates and political commercials have FINALLY come to a screeching halt.  Last Tuesday you may have seen your candidate rise in victory. Or you may have seen your candidate go down in defeat. If you are a third-party supporter,... Continue Reading →


Weary on the Journey

By Caenisha Warren There has been weariness in my mind, body and soul.  It’s brought me to wonder whether I should withdraw from work, church, family, friends.  Then I think but God…God created us within and for community.  If that speaks any truth over my life and being, then there is some reason God has... Continue Reading →

Honor Unci Maka

By Lenore ThreeStars My takoja (grandchild in Lakota) came out of preschool proudly carrying a tiny cucumber plant that she grew in class from a seed. She said they celebrated Earth Day. "Oh, you honored Unci Maka!" (Lakota for Grandmother Earth) Her eyes grew wide as she associated what she did in class with what... Continue Reading →

Insisting on Love

By Alex Macias There’s a lot that’s disappointing about this election, but for me the worst is the wielding of fear as a political tactic and how much it works for the one doing the wielding.  I have found myself unable to watch election coverage.  The onslaught of hateful rhetoric is too much for me. ... Continue Reading →

Evangelicalism Be Damned

As this election season has blossomed I have watched with, at first, irritation, then frustration, and now alarm as the press regularly uses the term “evangelical Christian” with its implied fundamentalist and Republican subtitle, as the banner under which all who follow Christ will vote. It is not that I decry fundamentalism or Republicans.  My... Continue Reading →

“Be Ye Not Conformed to This World”

Welcome Guest Blogger: Dr. Phillis Isabella Sheppard “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God--this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your... Continue Reading →

Doubt, My Faithful Friend

By Geila Rajaee While attending college at a small, private Christian university, I remember so vividly one particular chapel service where the speaker (who was a pastor) said, “in the life of the faithful, there is no room for doubt.” He went on to elaborate that those who experienced doubt “did not have faith” –... Continue Reading →

The Alarm that Cried Peace

By Jill Riley Accidental deployment of car alarms is frequent. It used to be that if you heard continual honking you could assume you were in the presence of some car  malfunction or an obnoxious driver! Anymore, if I hear a car alarm I just assume that somebody has bumped a car, a bird has... Continue Reading →

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