When what you fear is true

“Despite (or because of) privilege, we live in a dangerous world of brutality, force, and threat. We are surrounded by terrorism, war, abuse, exploitation, and death. Evil is rampant, and fear too easily pervades. Despair overtakes us when we realize that our lives are not free of danger. Yet we are not always the innocent... Continue Reading →


All the Things I Am Afraid Of

By Geila Rajaee I’ve spent the better part of this day, this week with tightness in my chest and fear in my heart. I’m not sure what is happening in our country but I know that every day the level of fear I wake up with is increasing until one day I’m certain my heart... Continue Reading →

When Fear Wins the Vote

By Geila Rajaee I don’t know about you but I find watching the news terrifying most of the time. The stories highlighted are those that often shout that the world is a terrible, awful place and I should lock my doors and avoid my neighbors.  It reminds me that living is a terribly dangerous activity... Continue Reading →

Standing in the Back of the Room

By Geila Rajaee It seems natural these days when I attend worship services in communities that I am not generally accustomed to, that I can be found standing at the back of the room or just outside of the doors of the sanctuary as the service begins. Waiting for the music to end so I... Continue Reading →

Whispering False Promises

By Geila Rajaee When the first major school shooting took place in Columbine, Colorado I remember this sense that part of the world had fractured.  It wasn’t necessarily the first shooting to occur on a high school campus (or a school campus, at that) but my memory keenly recalls a fundamental shift in our attitude... Continue Reading →

In Praise of Crones

By Geila Rajaee When people say the word ‘crone’ the imagery isn’t always the most positive but the crone is the archetypal figure of the wise woman and not just the ‘scary lady’ from fairy tales (no matter what Disney or the Brother’s Grimm say...). We all have women (or a woman) in our lives... Continue Reading →

Politics. Ugh.

By Geila Rajaee There was a time in my life when I truly enjoyed talking about politics. I think in college it was fairly well known that I would engage just about anyone in a rousing debate about foreign policy (especially in the Middle East), the failings of the criminal justice system, and benefits for... Continue Reading →

Telling the Truth

By Geila Rajaee The first time I lied to someone about my ethnic background, I was eight years old. The first Gulf war had started and I remember being incredibly aware of the fact that some man named Hussein, in Iraq, was doing really bad things to people and that our president, our country wanted... Continue Reading →

Doubt, My Faithful Friend

By Geila Rajaee While attending college at a small, private Christian university, I remember so vividly one particular chapel service where the speaker (who was a pastor) said, “in the life of the faithful, there is no room for doubt.” He went on to elaborate that those who experienced doubt “did not have faith” –... Continue Reading →

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