Changing the Narrative

By Lenore ThreeStars Fall is so nice, except for the holidays.  I made it through Halloween with nary an Indian war whoop at my door, and then through the odious Columbus Day lie - thank goodness next year it will be Indigenous People's Day.  But now, it's almost time for grocery sack war bonnets, the... Continue Reading →


Sacred Indigenous Homelands…

By Lenore ThreeStars Some days I’ve had as much reality as I can take, so I turn to my fave fiction for a few hours of escape. But my literary spa is disturbed when my story characters pack up a load of food to take to the Indian reservation to help them make it through... Continue Reading →

Honor Unci Maka

By Lenore ThreeStars My takoja (grandchild in Lakota) came out of preschool proudly carrying a tiny cucumber plant that she grew in class from a seed. She said they celebrated Earth Day. "Oh, you honored Unci Maka!" (Lakota for Grandmother Earth) Her eyes grew wide as she associated what she did in class with what... Continue Reading →

In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-Two . . .

By Lenore ThreeStars It's a little tricky to be Unci (Lakota for 'grandmother') to a first grader when Columbus Day rolls around.  We had already processed the 'what makes the red man say ugh' scenes in Peter Pan, pointing out the differences between what someone imagines about Indians to what we really look like and... Continue Reading →

We Are All Related

By Lenore ThreeStars One of the new things I learned when I became a Christian at the age of 30 was, “This world is not our home, we’re only passing through it until we get to our real home, heaven.” I understood that this viewpoint was meant to offer hope when the pain of this... Continue Reading →

Single and Retired

By Lenore Three Stars I've been single most of my life, except for five tumultuous years that left me with the blessing of a son.  By careless choice, I had years of careless, short-term relationships that left me empty.  When I was 30, I became a head-over-heels believer, a new creation ready to follow Jesus... Continue Reading →

A Rare Quality

By Lenore Three Stars One question I often heard as a leadership coach for women ministries was, "How do we bridge the generation gap?" Since I had come to faith as a 30-year old Lakota woman, I didn't readily grasp that church cultures often experienced a frustrating disconnect between the younger and senior women, and... Continue Reading →

The Reality of Freedom in Jesus Christ

By Lenore Three Stars Winter is a time of beauty, reflection, and hardship. It brings to mind my relatives in the bitter winter at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, December 1890. We know the grim story: the U.S. army slaughtered about 350 unarmed Minnecoujou Lakota, including the aged, women and children. My mom is Minnecoujou Lakota... Continue Reading →

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