EveryONE Matters

by Jaisy Tam Harbridge I must admit that I’ve never been a fan of politics.  I struggle with the idea of ‘playing politics’ rather than doing what’s right and serving the people.  That might be a naive way to think but that’s simply where I stand.  And so for many years as young person growing... Continue Reading →


Finding Rhythm in Safe Spaces

By Caenisha Warren My rhythm in this last year has included lament, boundaries, retreat, healing, truth spoken at will, and safe spaces to nourish a broken soul. After 12 years in the system, the patterns of academia permeate my rhythm, my thought, and my level of frustration and exhaustion. The system of Christian higher education... Continue Reading →

The Weight of Advent

By Cathy Norman Peterson When a friend came to town a few weeks ago, we visited a church I’d never attended. The worship service was different from what I’m used to in several ways, but one thing especially struck me. They really prayed. In most areas of my life, everyone in the room avoids eye... Continue Reading →

When what you fear is true

“Despite (or because of) privilege, we live in a dangerous world of brutality, force, and threat. We are surrounded by terrorism, war, abuse, exploitation, and death. Evil is rampant, and fear too easily pervades. Despair overtakes us when we realize that our lives are not free of danger. Yet we are not always the innocent... Continue Reading →

I’ma sit this one out

On December 1, 1955, a tired Rosa Louise Parks took a seat on a bus and kept that seat even though the overcrowding left white people standing in the aisles. The driver stopped the bus. "Why don't you stand up?" he asked Rosa. She replied, "I don't think I should have to stand up." Rosa... Continue Reading →

Black Lives Matter: Authentic Endorsements?

By Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom What does it mean to endorse a social movement? Political network researchers Florence Passy and Gian-Andrea Monsch describe social movements as relational processes in which groups act collectively, share resources, and challenge boundaries through narratives and identity building (Social Networks and Social Movements: Contentious Connections, 24). Collective action, relationship making, resource sharing,... Continue Reading →

Evangelicalism Be Damned

As this election season has blossomed I have watched with, at first, irritation, then frustration, and now alarm as the press regularly uses the term “evangelical Christian” with its implied fundamentalist and Republican subtitle, as the banner under which all who follow Christ will vote. It is not that I decry fundamentalism or Republicans.  My... Continue Reading →

Faith Is Always Political

By Liz Mosbo VerHage “Don’t bring politics into faith.” It’s a message I often hear from fellow Christians—one that surprises and frustrates me. My instinctive response is that politics are already here, within us, within the church, and even within our worship. Politics are woven into the fabric of how we live our lives and... Continue Reading →

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