. . . And Me Too

By Geila Rajaee Talking about the #metoo movement makes me uncomfortable. I’ve spent a lot of time inside of my own head thinking about all of the reasons why. Some of those memories are easier to shake off than others. Some of those memories are a part of my own story. Some of them are... Continue Reading →


… And Me Too

By Caenisha Warren There are times where disruption gives shape to perspectives that impact how we think and how we live. Some might see the #metoo movement as just a disruption, but there are plenty of perspectives to learn, should we choose to listen. The impact of the stories and empowerment of the #metoo movement... Continue Reading →

…And Me Too

By Lenore Three Stars "Unci (grandmother), why do you have that cap there?  I thought somebody was sitting in your car!" Every summer, I pack up the car and head out for a few weeks of travel in Montana and South Dakota, usually by myself.  The relatives I regularly visit live on two different reservations,... Continue Reading →

. . . And Me Too

By Jill Riley I thought I was good at loving “them”. I thought I had respectful regard for “them”. I felt like I advocated well for “them”. And then I found out I was one of them. Of the millions of people living with mental illness, I discovered that category included me too. In planting... Continue Reading →

… And Me Too

By Leeann Shaw Younger I won’t co-op the hashtag symbol, but I felt plenty of ME TOO heartache watching the President of the United States demean three, black, female reporters recently. Words like “loser” and “stupid” don’t belong in public discourse, but the most powerful white man in American swung these words like a bat... Continue Reading →

… And Me Too

By Cathy Norman Peterson One year after #metoo began revealing the depths to which sexual harassment and assault have seeped into the bones of our culture, Forbes published these findings on women’s attitudes about their workplaces. The EEOC reports a 12% increase in harassment filings in the past year. And 57% of women say nothing... Continue Reading →

Lakota Advent 2

by Lenore Three Stars Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ ... (I Peter 1:3) As the words flowed from  Greg Yee's sermon on the hope of Advent, one phrase... Continue Reading →

Changing the Narrative

By Lenore ThreeStars Fall is so nice, except for the holidays.  I made it through Halloween with nary an Indian war whoop at my door, and then through the odious Columbus Day lie - thank goodness next year it will be Indigenous People's Day.  But now, it's almost time for grocery sack war bonnets, the... Continue Reading →

When what you fear is true

“Despite (or because of) privilege, we live in a dangerous world of brutality, force, and threat. We are surrounded by terrorism, war, abuse, exploitation, and death. Evil is rampant, and fear too easily pervades. Despair overtakes us when we realize that our lives are not free of danger. Yet we are not always the innocent... Continue Reading →

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