He? She? It?

By Cathy Norman Peterson Something bugs me about how we talk about the Holy Spirit. We evangelicals typically refer to two members of the Trinity as masculine. God the Father, God the Son—both male, both “he.” But when we get to the third Person of the Trinity, we flounder, casting about for the right word.... Continue Reading →


Shape Shifting

By Jill Riley I sat with a Chief of the Crow nation. We talked together about spirits. And of the Holy Spirit. The Chief talked of watching his grandfathers shape shift over the prairies. First one and then the other morphed into the form of a different animal before their grandson and other tribal witnesses... Continue Reading →

Best Out of Three

By Alex Macias Honestly, the Holy Spirit is a little intimidating. The Spirit tends to be at blame for many of our seemingly irrational activities. For example, I believe that the Spirit once directed me to speak with a stranger who may have needed a message of hope. I was walking along a major road... Continue Reading →

But do you know what this means?

By Gail Song Bantum Wade in the water Wade in the water, children, Wade in the water God’s gonna trouble the water. – African American Spiritual When I first chose this affirmation to write on awhile back, I thought to myself: “This’ll be easy, I’m Pentecostal!” Then, when it came time to write it, I... Continue Reading →

The Dis-Union of the Church

By Lisa Sharon Harper One of the greatest sermons I ever heard on the subject of communion was offered by the head pastor of a Christian Missionary Alliance church in Princeton, N.J., back in the late 1980s. This pastor spent most of that sermon talking about the cross and how Jesus’ body was literally broken.... Continue Reading →

Feast Well

By Jen Gillan “Feast well.” That was what my friend posted on my facebook wall for my birthday. “Feast well,” I kept thinking to myself that day and laughed with my husband that “feast well” is one of the most fitting ways to express “happy birthday” from one pastor to another. Feasting language is part... Continue Reading →

Home for the Holidays

By Alex Macias Last year I read Brian Bantum's Redeeming Mulatto. In it, Bantum compares persons of mixed race to the dual (human and divine) natures of Christ and recognizes the church, comprised of those born of flesh and baptized into the Spirit, as a family superseding our biological families. It's a helpful image -... Continue Reading →

Is It Impossible?

By Gail Song Bantum Every year our church is intentional in engaging the often-difficult topic of Faith & Race. We do it not because it’s trendy or because it’s progressive to engage, but we believe that it is part of our Christian discipleship compelled by the Gospel. In so doing, we are continually confronted by... Continue Reading →

Mission Possible

By Pia Peña Restrepo, guest blogger Just a few months ago my husband, Eugenio, and I accepted the call to be the regional coordinators for Latin America and the Caribbean for the Evangelical Covenant Church. Our position calls us to pastoral care for missionaries as well as to support national church leaders in the countries... Continue Reading →

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