Let down 

By Jill Riley It is such a shame when you lose faith in someone you really believe in. Especially in somebody you hoped would change the world; somebody with the potential to really make a difference. The disappointment in them and for you is soul crushing. Such a let down. Guiltily, I feel this way.... Continue Reading →


Sacred Indigenous Homelands…

By Lenore ThreeStars Some days I’ve had as much reality as I can take, so I turn to my fave fiction for a few hours of escape. But my literary spa is disturbed when my story characters pack up a load of food to take to the Indian reservation to help them make it through... Continue Reading →

I’ma sit this one out

On December 1, 1955, a tired Rosa Louise Parks took a seat on a bus and kept that seat even though the overcrowding left white people standing in the aisles. The driver stopped the bus. "Why don't you stand up?" he asked Rosa. She replied, "I don't think I should have to stand up." Rosa... Continue Reading →

Black Lives Matter: Authentic Endorsements?

By Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom What does it mean to endorse a social movement? Political network researchers Florence Passy and Gian-Andrea Monsch describe social movements as relational processes in which groups act collectively, share resources, and challenge boundaries through narratives and identity building (Social Networks and Social Movements: Contentious Connections, 24). Collective action, relationship making, resource sharing,... Continue Reading →

Honor Unci Maka

By Lenore ThreeStars My takoja (grandchild in Lakota) came out of preschool proudly carrying a tiny cucumber plant that she grew in class from a seed. She said they celebrated Earth Day. "Oh, you honored Unci Maka!" (Lakota for Grandmother Earth) Her eyes grew wide as she associated what she did in class with what... Continue Reading →

Insisting on Love

By Alex Macias There’s a lot that’s disappointing about this election, but for me the worst is the wielding of fear as a political tactic and how much it works for the one doing the wielding.  I have found myself unable to watch election coverage.  The onslaught of hateful rhetoric is too much for me. ... Continue Reading →

Evangelicalism Be Damned

As this election season has blossomed I have watched with, at first, irritation, then frustration, and now alarm as the press regularly uses the term “evangelical Christian” with its implied fundamentalist and Republican subtitle, as the banner under which all who follow Christ will vote. It is not that I decry fundamentalism or Republicans.  My... Continue Reading →

The Politics of Protesting

By Jen Gillan Last week someone left me a brief message on my Facebook wall. It simply read, “F.Y.I.” and had an attachment with information regarding a day of protest in Chicago. I chuckled to myself. In the last couple of months, through conversations or pictures on social media, some people have come to view... Continue Reading →

Politics: Facing the Truth About Reality

By Caenisha Warren On a Sankofa Journey, I remember walking through the Birmingham Civil Rights Institution with a deep sense of emotion and fear.  I looked at the photos on display that recounted this time in our history, and I couldn’t believe the faces of hate in the pictures as acts of yelling, violence, and... Continue Reading →

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